Drop Shipping and Affiliate

This week we have been learning a lot about two different methods, Drop Shipping and Affiliate Programs. Through the discussions I have lost interest in drop shipping as a serious option for my business and have started liking affiliate programs a lot more. The low risk, low costs and ability to just focus on getting a good idea and marketing it is very appealing to me. Also to start off having the reputation of a big company like Amazon to help out.

I have been working on my project, on the Business Matrix which takes the data and it helps organize the data gathered and help in the decision making process. It has been really great to brainstorm with he help of the numbers. To measure everything helps me gain confidence that I can have success in this.


This week I learned the basics of starting a web business. I learned the different models that people use in the web to have a business. This helped me in deciding which one I am more suited for. I also learned how to have a more scientific approach to starting an online business by using the google keyword tool. This will help me decide on my focus and help me analyze strengths and weaknesses of my idea before I invest any money in them.