Site Building and Choosing an idea

This wek I was able to learn a lot about Site Building.

I had to compare and analyze different technologies and was amazed at how I can get a very high quality looking website for a very low cost. I chose to use wordpress technology which can have some evry professional looking themes but at the same time very affordable and easy to use. 


For my host I chose Hostgator which had great reviews and was one of the most affordable I found. Also it seemed very straightforward in their fees. Others like bluehost had some clauses that made me confused and I decided not to go with them. I already bought it and it is very easy to use. I am looking forward to building my site!


Finally I decided on my product, using the decision matrix and pasting the analytics that google itself gives you for their ads and estimates on clicks and price I was able to determine a winner…. I will sell furniture! as an Amazon affiliate.

It was great to use this tool because I was able to calculate and eliminate the guesswork, some of the ideas that seemed very promising I found out would actually make me lose money because of the high competition in ads driving the price up. I am very excited to start building the site and making money. I am still uncertain if the blog ranked so high because there is no competition because very few people would buy furniture from a blog, but I will have to test it out. 


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