Site Design and Credit Card Payments

This week I learned a lot about the intricacies of the website Design and receiving payments by credit cards.

I learned about color schemes and different parts of the design that make it stand out and also be pleasing for people to see. I had chosen wordpress as a platform so I will stick to that and just add a premium theme. One important thing I learned was to make sure the design is responsive, or that it adapts to mobile devices and tablets.

One example:

This theme adapts by itself to the device you are using. It also makes it very easy to have great design and be able to update it quickly.

Also like many new sites it has a minimalist design that helps with shortening the loading time and thus avoiding some problems.


Credit Card payments are very straightforward to use. There are many options to choose from. In my website I will not be using paypal or other credit card manager programs since my website will be for affiliate offers.


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