Social Media

This week I learned how to use social Media to promote my website.

I already set up accounts in several social networks to attract visitors and have more interactivity with the customers.

I have learned about adapting the content to the different social media outlets and which ones are better for different interactions.

I will focus on Pinterest since it is the most product focused and easier to sell on.


Basic SEO

This week I learned about SEO. I need good SEO to have my website ranke higher and pay less for adwords.
The first step I will take towards improving my ranking is using services to get backlinks. I can make youtube channels and other accounts and link back to my main website.

Adwords and Web Analytics

This week has been full of great lessons. I had been having problems with my ads not getting impressions and received helped from the google adwords support which was very helpful.

I learned ad prices change quickly and the price turned out to be more than 100% higher than their estimate. I have to tweak my campaign to get the most out of it. 

 I installed google analytics to get a better understanding of how people behave once they reach my site.

Ad Groups and Campaigns

This week I started running my AdWords campaign.

I learned many things on how to build a campaign. There is a type of heirarchy or grouping:

Campaign > Ad > Ad Group > Keywords

You can have multiple Keywords for each ad.

Some mistakes I made and got my ads rejected twice were: Excessive punctuation (explanation marks).  I also got an ad rejected for using a trademark (The brand of the product I was selling).