Legal/ Tax building a Website

This week I explored the different options I have in regards to the legal classification of my business.

I decided to start out as a sole proprietorship since it is the most convenient and I will turn it into an LLC later on, mainly for liabilities and tax purposes.

I also know now the tax rates and tax procedures to follow.

Now the fun part:

I got my hosting at hostgator and my godaddy domain with a coupon.

I already have some navigation and a couple of products in my website. I need to just add more content.

I did this logo myself:




I will probably change it to something more sophisticated later on.

I signed up with the Amazon affiliate program and also installed a woocommerce plug in that will deal with the products, have a catalog page but also I will be able to mass upload the products from an excel sheet so it will be fairly easy to fill it up with all the products I can sell from Amazon.


I am looking forward to having it 100% functional and doing business with it.


Site Design and Credit Card Payments

This week I learned a lot about the intricacies of the website Design and receiving payments by credit cards.

I learned about color schemes and different parts of the design that make it stand out and also be pleasing for people to see. I had chosen wordpress as a platform so I will stick to that and just add a premium theme. One important thing I learned was to make sure the design is responsive, or that it adapts to mobile devices and tablets.

One example:

This theme adapts by itself to the device you are using. It also makes it very easy to have great design and be able to update it quickly.

Also like many new sites it has a minimalist design that helps with shortening the loading time and thus avoiding some problems.


Credit Card payments are very straightforward to use. There are many options to choose from. In my website I will not be using paypal or other credit card manager programs since my website will be for affiliate offers.

Site Building and Choosing an idea

This wek I was able to learn a lot about Site Building.

I had to compare and analyze different technologies and was amazed at how I can get a very high quality looking website for a very low cost. I chose to use wordpress technology which can have some evry professional looking themes but at the same time very affordable and easy to use. 


For my host I chose Hostgator which had great reviews and was one of the most affordable I found. Also it seemed very straightforward in their fees. Others like bluehost had some clauses that made me confused and I decided not to go with them. I already bought it and it is very easy to use. I am looking forward to building my site!


Finally I decided on my product, using the decision matrix and pasting the analytics that google itself gives you for their ads and estimates on clicks and price I was able to determine a winner…. I will sell furniture! as an Amazon affiliate.

It was great to use this tool because I was able to calculate and eliminate the guesswork, some of the ideas that seemed very promising I found out would actually make me lose money because of the high competition in ads driving the price up. I am very excited to start building the site and making money. I am still uncertain if the blog ranked so high because there is no competition because very few people would buy furniture from a blog, but I will have to test it out. 

Drop Shipping and Affiliate

This week we have been learning a lot about two different methods, Drop Shipping and Affiliate Programs. Through the discussions I have lost interest in drop shipping as a serious option for my business and have started liking affiliate programs a lot more. The low risk, low costs and ability to just focus on getting a good idea and marketing it is very appealing to me. Also to start off having the reputation of a big company like Amazon to help out.

I have been working on my project, on the Business Matrix which takes the data and it helps organize the data gathered and help in the decision making process. It has been really great to brainstorm with he help of the numbers. To measure everything helps me gain confidence that I can have success in this.

This week I learned the basics of starting a web business. I learned the different models that people use in the web to have a business. This helped me in deciding which one I am more suited for. I also learned how to have a more scientific approach to starting an online business by using the google keyword tool. This will help me decide on my focus and help me analyze strengths and weaknesses of my idea before I invest any money in them.