Linking and Using Google Analytics

I learned methods to do backlinking and made a plan to do half of the work myself to save my time and at the same time get more results.

I also used Google Analytics to find out low performing keywords and landing pages and modifying accordingly. The ability to see the flow of peoples clicks allowed me to understand people’s behavior navigating my website and helps me do the right changes to make my website more trustworthy and effective.

As I was working in my project I realized how to use woorank to improve my website and get it ranked higher doing very simple things.


Social Media

This week I learned how to use social Media to promote my website.

I already set up accounts in several social networks to attract visitors and have more interactivity with the customers.

I have learned about adapting the content to the different social media outlets and which ones are better for different interactions.

I will focus on Pinterest since it is the most product focused and easier to sell on.

Basic SEO

This week I learned about SEO. I need good SEO to have my website ranke higher and pay less for adwords.
The first step I will take towards improving my ranking is using services to get backlinks. I can make youtube channels and other accounts and link back to my main website.

Adwords and Web Analytics

This week has been full of great lessons. I had been having problems with my ads not getting impressions and received helped from the google adwords support which was very helpful.

I learned ad prices change quickly and the price turned out to be more than 100% higher than their estimate. I have to tweak my campaign to get the most out of it. 

 I installed google analytics to get a better understanding of how people behave once they reach my site.

Ad Groups and Campaigns

This week I started running my AdWords campaign.

I learned many things on how to build a campaign. There is a type of heirarchy or grouping:

Campaign > Ad > Ad Group > Keywords

You can have multiple Keywords for each ad.

Some mistakes I made and got my ads rejected twice were: Excessive punctuation (explanation marks).  I also got an ad rejected for using a trademark (The brand of the product I was selling).

Keywords for Adwords

This week I learned how to set up my Adwords campaign.

There are many great tools that are helpful in getting sales from adwords. I will use a combination of broad and specific keywords to attract visitors and then track the success of each keyword to keep the ones that perform better.

I will also set a limit daily so that I can better manage the campaign and not have all my money spent in a day in a keyword that is not converting. Also I have learned there can be click fraud and other things that could drain my budget if I dont control this.

Although I have put a lot of thought and research to find the keywords I think will perform better and that are less expensive the only way to know is to actually test them. It will be exciting to see the results and fine tune the campaign.